Case studies

Case study – Atman tennis

Brief – To establish and grow a winning tennis academy for future professionals from a team with specialist skills in tennis coaching, physical conditioning, physiotherapy/rehab and sport psychology.

We helped to bring together professionals operating in their own specialisms in isolation into one business providing one homogenous integrated tennis training service.
The business was established with a team that loves tennis and wanted to take junior tennis talent with the aim of going professional and providing them a full service for all their sports development needs.

We worked with the client and provided the following:

  • A total analysis of the market and demographic in order to recommend and assist with direction and decision making
  • A 5 year business plan for maintaining the organisation vision and to seek funding where required
  • A partnership agreement outlining roles, responsibilities and risks and equity stakes
  • Systemised the differing expertise contributions together to produce a predictably positive performance outcome for all its players
  • Proposed and supported the implementation of a fee structure specifically designed for maximising a stable predictable revenue stream  
  • Advised on marketing of service to the chosen demographic with an integrated customer relationship management system
  • Systemised the operational requirements of the business including purchasing, invoicing, technology and externally contracted support services 

Case study – Knee and back surgery

Brief – To provide assistance to set up a specialised knee and back injury surgery

Having been approached by a client with an existing successful physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice, we were asked to assist in the setting up of a highly specialised practice exclusively concentrating on knee and back pain.

We worked with the client and provided the following:

  • Advised on demographic, market positioning and marketing methods for surgery
  • Systemised a specific pioneering treatment method involving multiple treatment disciplines
  • Defined a business model for providing treatment and negotiating rates with contracted external services
  • Assisted in presenting and raising capital for initial setup of operation
  • Proposed and implemented suitable fee structure designed for long term sustainability and franchising potential

Case study - Mothers Little helpers

Brief – assist in providing an additional offering of toddler movement classes to an existing business offering mothers with young children services to make life easier

Mothers Little Helpers approached us wanting to offer a physical activity class for toddler. They already were offering services that provided a helping hand to new mothers. From their feedback, there was a demand for additional classes to help mothers encourage movement in toddlers and boost co-ordination skills.

We worked with the client and provided the following:

  • An outline of the contents of the classes and the different levels to be offered
  • A defined business model for providing toddler movement classes as part of their offering
  • Sourcing, training and negotiating with qualified local instructors to provide this service
  • Negotiation of terms for the rental of indoor and outdoor areas for activities